Attack of the Obsessive Compulsive 

After setting up our blog and putting up the mandatory “First Entries” came the next step (and my personal fave) — customization.

Because of the time difference, my boyfriend needed to get some shut-eye, so that left me alone with our baby for the afternoon. I started browsing through the themes, previewing one after the other and ultimately settling back to the original one. When that was done, I stared at the screen for a good five minutes. There was still some teeny tiny customization details that needed attention before I could finally say that I’m contented with the aesthetic of the blog.

I was uneasy. And pissed. I can’t believe how the WordPress customization options have changed since I’ve last been on here. When you have a free account (which, as a beginner is totally common) you are basically deprived of every useful feature to help make your blog truly yours.

The one thing that has me utterly stumped is this favicon bullcrap. Apparently, the only way now to add that to your blog is by upgrading to premium. Curses to this capitalist world we live in!

On a side note, I had good coffee early on today, which helped cushion all this customization kerfuffle. I guess I’ll figure it out tomorrow. For now, I sleep.

Later, gator.

⋙ B


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