Begin the Photo Spamming

The blog has just been live for less than 24hrs but I feel like we’ve done quite a lot. By WE, I mean my girlfriend. She’s done so much with the aesthetics – putting up the profile photo, looking for a cool theme, trying to have our favicon up – and all I’ve done is rant! This progress would seriously not have been possible with out her. Thanks beb. I’ll help out with the aesthetics too…soon.

For now, the best thing I can do is to put up some more posts. With this being Photography blog, I think we should start giving justice to the category. It’s a bit too late into the month to start one of those monthly Photo Challenge things so we’ll just have that next month.

For this month, the challenge is just to spell out the word PHOTOGRAPHY by posting one photo a day. So that’s P-H-O-T-O-G-R-A-P-H-Y; 11 photos for 11 letters  starting today – which is fine for you bæ, being a day behind and all.

Here’s my first photo: Peak. This is a throwback photo from last year when my dad, a friend, and I went mental and climbed the infamous Lantau Island Twin Peaks.

Stay Frosty! (Yeah.)



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