Rage Rant #1

You might be wondering whose genius idea it was to start this glorious blog or if my girlfriend forced me into making this with her. Before anyone starts to judge, it was a equal, joint decision. NO ONE FORCED ANYONE.

What happened was that yesterday, I was surfing through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Upwork and thought about starting a blog. Why? For ranting purposes, of course! Social Media is a cesspool of rant-worhty targets!

I’ve always wanted to start one but I could never get passed Step 1 here on WordPress – which is Select a Catgory. So you select a category, yeah? There’s community, coaching, health, sports, photograpy, that kind of stuff, BUT YOU CAN’T FIND ONE THAT’S SIMPLY FOR RANTING. LIKE, WTF WORDPRESS. WOULD IT KILL YOU TO HAVE ONE LIKE “RAGE NETIZEN”,”THE HULK TYPING”, “ANGER MANAGEMENT”, OR EVEN “OTHERS” WOULD HAVE SUFFICED. UGH. After staring at my screen for a good 30mins, I left WordPress (I kept the page open in hopes of having an epiphany later as to what my category should be) and went on to more important things – Dota 2.

Later that evening I told my girlfriend about my struggle and she said “Hey, why don’t we make one for the both of us?” and poof! epiphany struck! It was perfect ’cause I had someone to share the load of blogging pressure (i.e. she chose the category. *insert successful kid meme here*) and we had something new to do together.

So here I am now, about to finish my first ranting entry. I’m amazed how lengthy it is yet phone hasn’t crashed yet. I don’t want to push it so that’s it for now.

Stay Healthy! (What?)



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