Rage Rant #2

There are only a few things that ticks me off…okay, maybe a good few…OKAY, there are a lot of few things that tick me off. One of those are kids. Yes, you heard me. Kids.

Since I live in one of Hong Kong’s outlying islands (Lamma), I have to take a ferry to get to HK island. It’s a Sunday today so there weren’t many people on board; today felt like a good day. I didn’t even mind that there was this baby seated adjacent to me that just cried THE ENTIRE TRIP (that’s like  a good 20-25mins).

As the ferry was about to dock, most that were on board (including myself) started crowding near the exit (is it called exit? Or door? Drawbridge? Meh, I’ll think about that later). This usually happens; nothing new really. Then out of nowhere this kid starts making his way to the front of the crowd, just casually slipping in between people and bumping them aside. Now I say CASUALLY ’cause this kid’s doing all this WHILE HE WAS HUMMING. He didn’t even say SORRY or EXCUSE ME, not even in Chinese; he just forced his way to the front. As we disembarked, I saw the same kid just standing on the other side of the drawbridge, just waiting for his mom ,who was still at the back of the crowd, to come out. This is where I got really annoyed ’cause it meant that THIS EFFING KID DID ALL THAT JUST BECAUSE HE WANTED TO. WTF.

Kids these days are just too annoying. I know, I know, it’s not right to generalize and judge them ’cause not all of them are and I used to be their age but I was not, no, was NEVER as wild and undisciplined as they are. As a kid, I knew my DOs and DONTs and followed them religiously. I was never as loud as they are nor was I ever as cocky as them. Fudging brats. The hard part is dealing with them. I’m not too certain about the boundaries of a stranger scolding a kid for doing something that he(or she, for all you Feminists and Feminazis alike) did wrong but I’m certain as hell that I would not want to deal with crazy parents. Instead, you’re just left there staring at their smug faces, telling them un your most calm and reserved voice what they did wrong TRYING not to slap them back to the abyss they came from.

Maybe this is due substandard parenting?  Societal influences? School, prolly? Meh, whatever the reason, I definately would not allow my kid(s) to grow up like them. Either straighten up (I mean their attitude, they’ll be free to choose whatever they want to be) or SUFFER MY SORCERY.

That’s it then. Chow for now! (Err.)

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