Rage Rant #4

I’m getting a little bit used to this whole blogging thing; it’s actually pretty fun. It makes me wonder why I didn’t make one any sooner but then I remember the process of starting one and well, please refer to Rage Rant #1.

It felt kind of weird not posting one of these yesterday, not that I intend to make this into a daily thing though. I just felt an urge that I needed to post one yesterday. I guess this might be blogging’s honeymoon-stage (if you will), where making a post is so exhilerating that I’m comstantly thinking of topics to write about. Or I might just be too overwhelmed and excited with the freedom in being able to write anything I want without getting InstaJudged from others. Ranting in social media is so lame – I won’t even rant about this because this is common knowledge for anyone who’s using their brain.

The thing is, I wasn’t in the ranting mood yesterday. Not that I ran out of words to say (which I think I did, the past few days have been the most I’ve ever written/typed in my whole life; this includes my Capstone document back in college) but I LITERALLY JUST COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING TO RANT ABOUT YESTERDAY. Travel, training, work, everything went smoothly. Even social media, which I’ve mentioned before is a cesspool of rantable topics, had nothing, and I mean NOTHING (*hit Whitney Houston note here*) that hit my sweet spot. This is basically ME ranting about HAVING NOTHING TO RANT ABOUT YESTERDAY.

Now, I was not going to post anything but later in the evening, after my girlfriend woke up and we started texting, I told her about my dilemma and about the itch to post a Rage Rant, she ACTUALLY ENCOURAGED ME TO POST THIS. THIS being a rant about not having anything to rant about. Andbutso, after a few NO JEGGS, DUN DO THIS TOO ME, STAHP, here I am now. I blame her for this pointless, tl;dr of a post. Ugh. I LOVE YOU.

‘Til the next one, this is me signing off (what do you think you are, an effing Myx VJ?! Gahd. I still need to work on this).



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