Subway Saves the Day

This is my second day on my new job and things are pretty good (so far). The only dilemma of mine is my full reliance on the GP public transit. In other words I have no choice but to arrive 30 mins early. Now typically that doesn’t sound too bad. But when it’s -1°C outside and you’re waiting for your manager to open the store and let you in to keep warm, or even sit down at least, it’s a nightmare.

So, you see where I’m getting at? I have to wait at least 20 minutes, standing around in the cold, before my day starts. But then again, when things begin to look dreary, Subway saves the day!

It is conveniently located next door to our office and they open at 7am. So for two days now, after I get off the bus, I go straight to Subway then wait it out. Today, I tried grabbing a coffee. Despite the ridiculous price for a 12oz cup, I was pretty happy! Beats standing around for 20 mins.

So yes, so far so good. Thanks Subway! (Not a sponsored post) (But I wouldn’t mind getting sponsored. Lol)

⋙ B

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