Photo challenges are always so stressful and takes waaaay more commitment than being in a romantic relationship. Bæ and I, we’re chill, but me and photo challenges? More chaos, heartbreak and neediness than all outspoken, Facebook couples combined! Nonetheless, I’m committed; that’s generally all that matters, right?

Anyway, this subject proved to be as difficult as I thought it would. Some of you might think IT’S JUST LIGHT, JUST TAKE A PICTURE OF THE CEILING OR ANYTHING/ANYONE THAT LOOKS MALNOURISHED OR EASY TO CARRY, WUT’S SO HARD ABOUT THAT? Well, I tend to let whatever artistic-side I have take the wheel whenever I do photo challenges. I always try to find the perfect subject that would satisfy the challenge’s neediness. This either ends with me getting the sweet feeling of success or the bitter remorse of faliure; it’s 50-50 thing. Unfortunately, my so-called artistic-side failed me and I couldn’t find anything worthy. So in a desperate attempt to keep my pride (by not using throwback photos) and have something to post, I took a boke-ish snap of random street lamps close to where I was sitting while waiting for my ferry back to Lamma and added some filter to, at some level, make it look pretty. Meh. Tomorrow’s another subject.
[subject] out.


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