If I were to choose a single luxury in life, I’d pick the luxury of company; the luxury of friends and family.

I don’t have a lot of friends. When asked if I have any here in Hong Kong, my answer is a flat NO. Acquaintances? Yes – mostly workmates but some I’ve accepted on Facebook (that’s a big deal for me, dun judge). Not that I’m not friendly (I actually am…I think? Maybe? Err) but I’m just extremely selective. I believe that titles have powers. A friend is someone who I can BE MY USUAL with. I say MY USUAL because MYSELF (like, my actual self) is too self controlled, whereas MY USUAL is where I forget about self control a do/be whatever I want. See, imagine this: me suddenly dancing to a sick beat (PS. I DON’T DANCE), someone spots me and says WTF MAN?, what do I usually reply? I’M USUALLY LIKE THIS; but when I’m being all calm and chill, what do people usually say? THAT’S JUST HIM BEING HIM(SELF).

Friends are people that I can receive and dispense a whole lot of judgement but still have a good laugh out of it. Aside from family and bæ, they mean a great deal to me.

So, yeah, luxury of friends and family. And bæ. And beer; ’cause beer is love, beer is life.

Chugging my lights out, J.

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