Resolution semi-resolved

Finally! After spending the majority of my day off tinkering on our blog, I finally finished overhauling the blog’s entire look and feel.

I’ve had the nagging feeling to post something on here since late November. But something would always distract me and my energy would always end up being redirected elsewhere.

After the holiday festivities, the gravity of the new year began to dawn on me, I revisited the idea of posting, my first post of 2016, on the blog. When I was just about done organizing my thoughts, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn’t the only one feeling the New Year New Me vibes. I saw that my boyfriend actually beat me to having the first post of the year (and I don’t mind one bit)! We both found it funny and cute that we both thought about posting at the same time.

With this sprang the renewed interest and the burst of energy to tinker and overhaul this entire blog. And I’m glad to say that I’ve actually (almost) finished it. I had to flex my old html muscles from my overeager Tumblr days, but it all worked out pretty well.

Here’s to more posts, diligence and organization!


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