Word of the Day

Our blog took a huge leap yesterday. Thanks to bæ, i) THE BLOG IS NOW LEGIT AS FUDGE (we no longer have the wordpress prefix), ii) extreme visual and asthetic overhauls, and iii) WE’RE NO LONGER A STRICT PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG. Bæ’s still working on a bunch of other stuff (I’ll try to help her out; be useful, for once) but all in all, thejeggs.com is looking pretty awesome. Thanks again, Jeggs. 💚

Anyway, since I’ve already started doing this, might as well keep on doing it. I’ll still be applying the same guidelines as I’ve previously mentioned, despite the blog-type shift. With that, today’s word is:



– promptness is response

– cheerful readiness

– a Invoker skill/buff in Dota 2 that makes him insanely OP

Dic[tionary]-[brows]ing off, J.


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