If you’ve seen our upcoming events section, you know something big is coming in a month’s time. I don’t want to reveal that just yet (because I like to be mysterious for our phantom readers), but I can talk a little about the preparations that have commenced.

This big thing not only requires “event” preparation, but also some physical prep. Well, mostly for me because I’ve become no less than a slob since I slacked off exercising (I blame the winter).

Even without this upcoming event, getting back to fitness has always been on my to-do list. I’ve always been too caught up at work, or some new movie… or my bed. But after a few failed attempts and some days of self-loathing, I finally pushed myself to do it!

And here I am, just a couple of days behind the New Year New Me bandwagon, trying not to cry mid burpee. It wasn’t all to bad because I had my sister with me, and the people in the class were really helpful and nice too. I guess the no bullshit vibe just kinda caught me off guard.

So fingers crossed to a successful regimen! And hopefully I would have some progress before the main event.


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