Feb 2016 Jeggsventures Day 1: Improvise

On our planned schedule, Breggy and I were supposed to head straight to Macau after she arrived here in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, Breggy wasn’t feeling after the plan had landed (demmet pilot + annoying kid seated behind her + annoying fat, white biznatch seated infront; curses to you and yer families ๐Ÿ˜‘) so we decided to trash the whole Macau thing and booked ourselves in a…cozy hotel in Wan Chai.

It was an economical/traveller’s hotel so it wasn’t much. We booked it last minute so dun judge. Anyway, it was a nice, chill, catch-up day. 

We’ve been so we haven’t really kept the blog as updated as promised (sorry about that). We’ll be flying off to Phuket, Thailand tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to post Days 2 and 3 by the end of tomorrow.

For now, Imma leave you with a selfie of us from when she arrived:


Snoozing off, J.

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