Feb 2016 Jeggsventures Day 2: V-Day

It’s the second day of our week together and I’ve settled on calling it Jeggsventures ’cause…cheesiness. Anyhoo, Breggy and I were supposed to be walking around Macau today, sight-seeing and all, but since we ended up not going to Macau (see Day 1 post) and today being Valentine’s day, we decided on making today simply, Date Day.

We wanted to watch the Deadpool movie but the theaters were extremely packed, so we scratched that idea. After checking out from our…slightly disappointing hotel, we moved straight to another hotel that we’ve booked in advance. This hotel was far better than the last – the staff were rather friendly (they let us check-in early) and the room was nice and spacious; it had a homely feel to it, too.

After dropping our bags, we just ended up going to Causeway Bay. We had lunch at this neat butcher’s place called The Fat Pig – whiched served solely pork. It was okay, I guess. The pulled pork bun, despite it’s underwhelming size, tasted pretty good. We were a little disappointed with the pot roasted pork, which more like the Filipino local dish humba (I dun have clear photos of our food but Breggy might, she’ll prolly post them here later) and not like what was presented on menu.


Afterwards, we did a little shopping and last minute prepping for our trip to Phuket then went straight back to our hotel to chill and get ready for our Valentine’s day dinner. We booked dinner at a restaurant called Pirata. The place was pretty cool; it had a pirate ship-y theme (complete with oak stools and oversized red couches) and the location was pretty convenient ’cause we just had to cross the road behind our hotel to get there. The food was great, too! They served us a set, five-course dinner which had three appetizers, two mains, and one dessert (I’m assuming the five courses were appetizer 1, appetizer 2, main 1, main 2, and dessert).


Can’t wait for Phuket!

Snoozing off, J.

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