I need to quit slacking.

Joshua and I have put in a lot of planning and organizing towards our big anniversary trip. I’ve been wrapped up in a bubble from the preparation, then the anticipation down to the actual eve of my flight to Hong Kong (people who know me are well aware how easily excitable I can be).

Throughout the duration of our trip, we’ve been so busy with catching up, eating and travelling that we barely had the time to update the blog. Or at least I was. Joshua was much more efficient with his down time than I was. I mostly preferred just cuddling with him and falling asleep in his arms (hi, Jeggs).

Now that I’m back to the home base, I plan to add at least one post a day regarding some fun details of our trip. Don’t worry though, I won’t be redundant and repost stuff he’s already posted, but I will post some stuff. I’ve also busied myself with an after movie of our Thailand trip. I’ll post it up here once my Star Lord (see his possible “Annual Dinner” post, or if not it’s on his Facebook) gives his ok.

Now I’ve got to fix this godforsaken jet lag.


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