Breakfasts with Bæ (The Best Kind)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We’ve been taught this basic nugget of knowledge way before we’ve even learned how to spell our names. Personally (as Joshua is very well aware), breakfast is my favorite meal — ever. We even owned it and started calling it Jeggsfast. There’s always something about breakfast food that fixes even the most crappy of days.

During our trip, one of my absolute favorites was the breakfasts spent with him. Regardless of the food we ate (because all breakfast food are perfect), I was extremely happy and content.

The very first breakfast we shared was at Hong Kong. After waking him up (with a little effort), he went down to the bakery near the hotel we were staying at and brought back a selection of breakfast pastries. I made coffee and we shared this simple, perfect breakfast in bed.

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Blogger life: Bae busy instagramming
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First breakfast together

The second breakfast we shared was a bit brief but it was still as good. We spent it at the airport en route to our flight to Phuket, Thailand. It was funny because we had a bit of a pickle picking which food stall we were going to eat at. I was so hungry I would’ve settled for Burger King. But he was a bit more patient than I was and insisted that we take a look around. We found a simple little cafe and when I saw croissants on the menu, I was sold. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the cafe (😅). But anyway, we had a full and delicious breakfast, definitely enough to sustain us during our 3-hour flight.


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For the next couple of days, we spent our breakfasts at our hotel the Wyndham Sea Pearl Villas & Resorts at Patong, Phuket. As buffets normally go, I grabbed a little bit of everything to taste (except any serious vegetable dishes though — to early). During the first day we completely missed the egg station (such a sad day). So on our second go at the buffet, I expertly made my way to the egg station and had a glorious cheese omelette cooked in front of me.

The tropical backdrop plus the vacay vibe made our breakfast buffets extra special. With the activities we had lined up, we needed a hearty meal to keep us on the go. And a hearty meal we had.

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A Thai breakfast staple: sticky rice with shaved coconut. The chocolate syrup was our own touch.



The next few days were a little hectic that we opted to have a very low key breakfast at our hotel room: cereal then bread and peanut butter. But despite the simplicity, I still enjoyed every second of it. My boyfriend always tends to spoil me so even during breakfast, I just feel like a princess of sorts.

Now it has been at least two breakfasts that I spent by myself. It’s always sad, but I just keep reminding myself that soon we will be unlimited breakfasts together.


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