Feb 2016 Jeggsventures Day 3: Phuket pt.1

Travel day! To celebrate our 2nd year anniversary, Breggy and I went to Phuket, Thailand.

Our most awaited trip had finally arrived. We were extremely excited. Breggy, with her glorious awesomeness, had already arranged our accomodation, transport, and schedule; arranged the entire trip, basically. Thanks again, bæ. 💚

Our flight was at 10:00 in the morning, so we woke up at around 6:00 to get ready. As soon as we were all set and packed, we checked-out and looked for the airport-bus bus stop. Funny thing was, I forgot that the temperature was dropping that day (it was 13°-11° C from a constant 17°-20° C on the days prior). Us being super excited for tropical weather, we only wore a shirt and shorts when we headed out. IT WAS EXTREMELY COLD. At least, for me it was. Bæ, accustomed to the way harsher cold in the Northern part of Canada, wasn’t bothered by the cold that Hong Kong offered; it was practically summer for her! What made matters worse (for me) was that I didn’t know where the bus stop was; we had to circle around the area twice before finding it. I had a jacket in my bag, but if Breggy wasn’t wearing one then neither would I. I’m no wuss, I’m a man! Ugh.

After my Anna-falling-into-a-puddle-of-water-in-the-movie-frozen moment and finally arriving in the airport, we went straight to the check-in counter, got our boarding passes, passed immigration, and looked for a place where we can have our most favorite meal of the day: Jeggsfast. We ate at a place called Cafe Deco. Their food was pretty good; the omellete was nice and fluffy, the bacon wasn’t burnt nor too salty, and we especially loved the croissants – flaky on the outside, super soft on the inside, plus they smelled amazing.

After Jeggsfast, we went to our boarding gate and waited for our flight. We flew Thai Airways. Despite being in Economy Class and only being a short flight, their service was impeccable. They still provided pillows and blankets, snacks, and even a full in-flight meal. They also had in-flight entertainment (it took us about two hours into the flight before we figured out how to use it). What made the flight even better was that we were seatted in the middle column (left aisle and middle) and, luckily, they didn’t assign anyone on the right aisle, so we had the row to ourselves. Overall, our flight was pretty awesome and Thai Airways is well deserving of their title as one of the best airlines in the world.

Three hours later, we landed in Phuket and Breggy and I immediately felt its tropical weather rush our skins. The heat was hellish, braving the cold in HK was totally worth it #noragrets. We went straight to the immigration area and after going through THE SLOWEST immigration officer ever, we got our checked-in luggage and looked for the dude who was supposed to pick us up. We were hoping to see someone standing somewhere outside the aiport with a sign that had bæ’s name on it but, instead, we saw the sign stuck to a railed barrier that separated the road and the sidewalk. A little underwhelming but meh, it was the first time we had a pick-up sign at the airport, so we’ll take it. We approached the sign and saw a dude standing behind the sign and the railing. We pointed at the sign and he seemed to have understood us. He asked us to wait for our ride, so we did. Our transfer vehicle arrived after a few minutes of immersing ourselves in the weather. SAWASDEE KRAP (read as sawadee cup), said the driver while taking our luggage and putting them at the back of the vehicle. HELLO/HI, we replied and got inside. Off to the hotel we went.

Phuket felt familiar. It had a great abundance of plants and trees, had rather wide roads (at least the highways did), and had extremely hot weather. It felt like being in the Philippines; like a hybrid of Cebu/Negros Island. I wasn’t able to take photos though. There was nothing much to see, really, and the car’s window was pretty dirty to take photos from.

It took roughly an hour to reach the hotel. We arrived at this huge compound which was, apparenlty, our hotel. Our driver dropped us off in the reception area and took out our luggage. KAPUN KRAP, he said, after we paid him and took off shortly after. We got in the reception hall and we heard an array of SAWASDEE KRAP/KAH as the staff greeted us. We were definately in Thailand.

On that note, imma end this post. I feel like it’s waaaaaay too long and I dun want you guys to go tl;dr on me. Stay tuned for part 2!

For those hating on our use of the term bæ (looking at you, Tea), please take note that we’re using the Danish spelling of the word. This is our parody to those who use the term seriously. Get good before you hate, scrubs.

Out, J.

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