Feb 2016 Jeggsventures Day 3: Phuket pt.2

Breggy and I arrived at Wyndham Sea Pearl Resort. To be honest, I never paid too much thought to the “resort” part and expected the hotel to be more of a traditional yet lavish, n-storey building. Instead, as we drove through the main gates, we were greeted with a large compound. The place looked more like a friggin’ subdivision!

We arrived at the reception lobby; Breggy and I walked to the front desk to check ourselves in. After all the verification mumbo-jumbo, however, the desk staff told us that our room wasn’t ready yet and asked us to wait for a bit while they get everything done. We were both tired and pretty eager to see our room (especially the jacuzzi), so were rather disappointed. They offered us complementary coconuts while we waited, which we more than willingly obliged…’cause food…free food. Dun judge. To be fair, we had nothing else better to do, anyway.

They escorted us to their restaurant, just a floor above the lobby, and served us the coconuts. We decided to order sandwiches too…’cause…again…food.


After more than an hour’s wait with no word about our room’s situation, we decided to head back down to the lobby and follow-up. Luckily, when we asked, the receptionist said that our room was ready and called someone to escort us to our room. Thankfully, the room wasn’t too far from the lobby.We arrived at our room and I was completely caught off guard when I saw our bed had been given the “lover’s getaway” treatment; Breggy, apparently, requested for the arrangement. Complete with swan-towels forming a heart and rose petals scattered everywhere, it was literally something you’d see in a cheesy, cliché, romance movie. We didn’t even touch it until we went to bed much later at night.

A few snaps (’cause Snapchat) and pictures later, we dropped our stuff and decided to hop in the jacuzzi. The room was pretty great- quite spacious, bath area didn’t suck, had a balcony, a good view- the only kinda-sorta problem I had was with were the jacuzzi was located: on the balcony. Don’t get me wrong, the jacuzzi was great, but I expected more of an indoors-and-private kind of thing. I mean, if we standing on the balcony, looking front, we would see two unitsjust  across the street with outdoor jacuzzis too, and one on an adjacent unit to our left. It was pretty awkward but meh, we waited an extra hour for it, so might as well enjoy it.

Tl;dr: hotel is not a hotel, waited longer for room to get ready, cheesy-romance room, outdoor jacuzzi…lazy shittes.

THERE WILL BE A PART 3. Also, more photos.


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