Feb 2016 Jeggsventures Day 3: Phuket pt.3

Here it is, the third (and final, yes, FINAL) part of our FIRST day in Phuket, Thailand. 

Breggy and I arrived at our resort/hotel… Resortel? Hozortel? Meh. We got there and, after an excruciatingly long wait, we got in our room, took a bunch of pictures, and hopped in our unexpectedly open-air jacuzzi.

We hopped out after a not-so-awkwarly awkward while and decided to just relax indoors instead. We also gave our devices their much needed time to recharge too. 

We planned to go out and see the city that night. So, with our systems and devices sorta-kinda recharged, we got dressed and headed out. The resortel provided hourly transportation that took guests to/from the compound from/to different stops in the city (the service started 7:30am and ended 8:30pm, in case you were wondering). We forgot to ask the reception about the schedule before we decided to go out but luckily, we were still able to catch the last trip. From the lobby, we got in to one of those 15-seatered, white-van-service vans with three other groups and made our way to the city.

The van had three stops in the city. The first stop was at Phuket’s version of Robinsons Mall (the mall was literally called Robinsons). We opted to stop there ’cause we assumed it was at the heart of the city (thankfully it was); Patong Beach was the next stop and Bangla Road was the last one. 

As soon as the van entered the city, we immediately realized how hyper touristy Phuket was. Every street corner had at least one Money Exchange service and souvenir shops were just everywhere. We were amazed by the sheer amount of tattoo shops, massage parlors, and artwork retailers that were also on every street we passed. We also noticed that aside from Thai, Russian seemed to be Phuket’s second language. Street signs and store decals were written in English but they all had succeeding Thai and Russian sub-scripts. 

We got to the mall and looked for a place to have dinner. We had a stroll along their Food Avenue; it was pretty much your average strip of restaurants. There was nothing special to see. We did find out though that even restaurant menus had Russian versions of them. We wanted to eat at a place that had a more local feel to it so we opted to go for restaurants that we passed by back when we were still headed to the mall. We left the premises of Phuket’s Robinsons and walked for several minutes and eventually we found a place that we both settled for.

You & Me – that was the name of the restaurant we settle for. Despite how poorly it was named, the place was actually pretty decent. The services was a little slow, prolly because they were quite packed that night but they made up with their food though. We were excited to try out authentic Thai cuisine so we ordered a bunch of dishes; can’t really remember what we ordered but Pad Thai was our top priority. The food was great; it was all that you could expect from Thai food and the prices were pretty reasonable too. 

With our hunger satiated and our bodies ready to retire the night, we settled our bill, made our KAPOON KRAPs and KAPOON KAs, and just wanted to go back to the resortel. At a corner outside the restaurant, we noticed this one dude holding up a sign that said TAXI and TUK-TUK and behind him were a bunch of short, open-air multicabs and what looked liked private service cars. Since we felt exhausted (and a little desperate) we approach the dude and told him we wanted a taxi. He looked a little shady and gave us a fixed price for our destination, to which we agreed (’cause you know, see above). He then directed us to a guy that looked no less shady than previous dude did. The new guy was our diver though and he lead us to his car; we got in and went on our way. Aside from the driver relentlessly trying to convince us to get a tour package from him (sorry guy, my bæ’s got the tour thing covered), it was a smooth ride going back to the resortel. Thankfully.

Fun first day, eh? 

Phuket Days 2 and 3 to come soon.

‘Till then, I’m out.


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