Feb 2016 Jeggsventures Day 5: Phuket, Day 3

It was our anniversary day and Breggy booked a trip to Raya Island this day so we started pretty early. Before that though, let’s go back a few hours.

So we decided to stay in and order room service that night after a long and adventurous day. While Breggy caught up with some sleep (tired and jet lagged, poor bæ), I kept myself awake and waited for the clock to hit 12:00am. She would wake up occasionally, telling me to wake her up if she falls asleep, but I just left her be,  traveling is not easy. I woke her up at 12 though, to greet her a happy anniversary. She jolted up and greeted me back then got off the bed and took something out from her bag. She handed me a small, brown box that contained bunch of handmade and handwritten note cards (17 to be exact) which she said that they were 17 of her favorite moments of us, so far. She also included a pack of “dating cards”, just for future moments when we want to be a little more…spontaneous. I was completely surprised and caught off guard, so sweet and thoughtful my bæ. Thanks again, Jeggs. 💚😘

Anyway, going back to the day’s activity, we woke up early (again), got ready, and triple checked our devices to make certain that were well prepared to document our day. We had breakfast (WE FINALLY FOUND THE EGG STATION) then waited in the lobby for the tour service to pick us up.

Raya Island is one of Phuket’s outlying islands and takes an hour by speedboat to get there. Aside from a day full of fun beaching and snorkeling, the ride going there was quite memorable. The ride started out smooth but once we reached open waters, the waves started to swell. This caused our boat to catch pretty good air time, which was fun at first but turned pretty freaky later on. Good thing we had a good captain who managed to get us to Raya Island’s shore in one piece.

After Raya, we went back to the resortel and got ourselves ready for one last night out in the street of Phuket. We had a simple anniversary dinner at a place called Spoon. Afterwards, got massages at a nearby massage parlor then walked along Bangla Road. Bangla road was…interesting. Attractions included: lady boys, strippers, adult shows, drinking games, and souvenir shops; it was basically all of Thailand’s stereotypes in one street!

After strolling around pervy-whitemen’s-haven road, we decided to try a Tuk Tuk back to the resortel…it was nothing much, really. As soon as we got back to the room, we packed our bags and got ready for bed. We hopped in and shut off the lights, thus ending our wonderful, magnificent trip.

See you next time, Phuket.


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