Feb 2016 Jeggsventures: The Photo Dump

Here’s a collection of photos that we haven’t featured on our previous blog posts yet. Enjoy!

Lunch after river rafting and the elephant ride.Bæ’s blogger pose.The Relationship Goals photo.Poolside after a long day of fun and adventure.

His and Hers drinks.Raya Island beach selfie.Flight back to HK.Inflight Selfie.

Inflight meals.The Pulse team dinner.Oreo Fondue.Sinful waffles.Couples sweater.Airport selfie with bæ. Until out next adventure, Jeggs 😘


** Breggy has joined the conversation**

Yes people, a collab is happening and it is our first! Although we constantly collaborate and plan blog content behind the scenes, this is our first post where we are literally tag-teaming.


Flight ready! Can you say no to that face? 😍Some snacks while waiting for our room to be ready.Our little terrace with our private jacuzzi.Adventure-ready!Trying out the jacuzzi.

Always so photogenic 💚

On our way to the Phuket “downtown” area and Bangla Road.

Dinner with the in-laws 😉Matching sweaters (after two years I finally convinced him couple outfits are cool) 👫JOLLIBEE 💚 I literally wanted to cry!The face I will fly across the world for. 😊

So that caps our Phuket 2016 travel series. Can’t wait to explore more places together and to be able to document each moment.



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