February 2017 | Hong Kong + Macau

February is our month and on the 17th day, we celebrate another year of being together. Because of our geographical conditions, our anniversary always requires a little bit of extra planning. For 2016 we spent a couple of days in Phuket, ThailandΒ for our 2nd anniversary and it was amazing. I had a little extra time for 2017, so instead of spending a lot of money on a fancy weekend getaway, we had to plan around a wider set of adventures to last us all the way ’til May.

Hong Kong

Since Josh lives in HK and we pretty much covered all the touristy destinations during my first few visits, our time spent here was basically for chill dates and lounging around. I flew in from Vancouver just in time for Valentine’s day which we decided to spend low key. After watching a movie (La La Land), we went around the city and decided to pick up a huge box of pizza for dinner. πŸ•


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The next couple of days we spent around the city. I did some light shopping here and there (a lot of time spent in Uniqlo because we don’t have it back home) plus the excitement of venturing around to find a place to eat.


Usually when I first arrive, I always beg Josh to take me to eat all of my favourite food. I craved for some Gong Cha milk tea, Mr. Softee (the best soft serve on wheels) and a bowl of hot noodles 🍜 from the small shop at Lamma Island.



After a few days in Hong Kong, we packed our bags and made our way to Macau. It was my first time to visit Asia’s Venice so I was excited to spend the next couple of days there for our third anniversary. You travel from Hong Kong to Macau by ferry for roughly an hour and a half. When you arrive and go through immigration, there are a multitude of free bus transports that do drop offs for nearly all of the biggest and most frequented hotels in the area. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Macau’s City of Dreams, so we didn’t have to spend any money for transportation since the free bus brought us there directly.

We were only in Macau for a few days, so we decided not to overbook our trip with touristy activities. Half of the trip we spent as a staycation, enjoying our huge room (we even got to do a mini Harry Potter marathon) and exploring the sights nearby.

The other half of our trip we spent enjoying some tourist spots. I love the entire vibe and aesthetic of Macau. Since it was a Portuguese colony for a long time, you can definitely see the European influence in the city’s architecture and food. Even a lot of the street signs are still in Portuguese.

We trotted around Senado Square where I just fell in love with the colours of the buildings and we also visited the famed Ruins of St. Paul and the Museu de Macau.Β 

As expected, these tourist attractions were packed with people from all over the world. So we tried avoiding the busy main roads and made our way around the city by foot through (non-sketchy) little street corners. Because of doing so, we were able to discover artsy alleys where we got to take some photos. We also found a hole-in-the-wall local restaurant that served delicious Macanese cuisine which we had for lunch. 🍴

For our last night in Macau, we decided to look for a place to eat within the area. They had an entire floor dedicated to restaurants specializing in different cuisines from various parts of the world, so picky eaters will have no problem with finding a spot. As for us, we went for some pub grub and had some drinks while playing some foosball, jenga and other games.

I feel like there is so much more to see in this beautiful little country (yes, I Googled and itΒ isΒ a separate country) and we will definitely be coming back for more some time in the future.

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